Understanding Your Product

To write a good copy, it is inevitable to know your product well.

To persuade the reader to take an action, the copywriter should be fully aware of her product.

If a copywriter can answer two simple questions about the product, she is good to go!

Question 1: WHAT, is the product?

Question 2: HOW, does the product add value to people's lives?

Before answering both these questions, it is important to understand the difference between the two.

While question 1 asks about the features of the product, question 2 addresses its benefits.

A feature describes the capability or appearance of the product.

'5 inch screen size' and '8 GB storage space' are examples of features.

A benefit is something that describes how the product is valuable to the reader.

'Save Time' and 'Make Money' are examples of benefits.

A good copywriter knows the difference between these two.

A great copywriter uses this knowledge to use!

A genius copywriter uses benefits to add value to the features.

Case In Point:

'24-hour customer service' is a feature.

"You can sleep worry-free, because even if your site crashes in the middle of the night, our technicians are here to save the day!" adds value to the above mentioned feature.

An easy way to figure out if you have written a benefit and not a feature is to ask yourself 'So what?' after every line that you write.

So what? How does it benefit me? What difference does it make in my life?

Try to answer these questions with your copy.

Always remember, DO NOT try to sell a benefit that doesn't exist.

Know well the features of your product and only try to present those as benefits.