Seven Social Media Marketing Tools For Building Brands.

Have you ever felt a bit of hesitation, taking that weird pause before clicking the final publish button? I didn’t know it then, but these powerful marketing tools and systems would catalyze your craft stall, which I believe would change everything for the better. You will be able to pick the locks and achieve the results that you had always wanted to.


As we all know, with the advent of technology, especially social media, and in the post-COVID world, our conventional working style is undergoing a revolution. Social Media Marketing is evolving than ever before. Be the need to increase the sales, building your brand, or driving the website traffic; connecting to the audience and keeping them engaged has been the main motive of all the organizations. Thus, it becomes crucial to focus on Data and content analytics, graphic designing, producing a professional and polished presentation for enhancing social media engagement.

Here are the SEVEN essential tools for building brands:

Buffer (

Trusted by over 75000 brands, Buffer is a social media management software that offers an excellent platform with incredible features. It rose to prominence mainly because of its simplicity. This software provides some high quality comprehensive and crucial features and simple UI and catalyzes in managing numerous social media accounts. It offers built-in analytics to help in scheduling and customizing post-times and days and can be used with various social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. This software is available in both paid and free versions and should certainly be on your list if your goal is to increase post engagement and reach.

Feedly (

Establishing connectivity to more than 40 million feeds, discovering the niche content, and gaining in-depth insights specific to your work or passion has never been easy. Known for the speed and simplicity, Feedly is an open system and helps you discover and stay updated with some amazing feeds. It also offers integration with Twitter, Evernote, OneNote, Buffer, Zapier, and LinkedIn that enables the user to share stories with teammates and networks easily. It’s one of the best free reader accessible through android devices and provides a clean reading experience. It an excellent destination to gain all the inspiration and knowledge and discover some of the best business, food, marketing, and entrepreneurship blogs if you aim to lead the race with intellect.

BuzzSumo (

Millions of marketers rely on BuzzSumo for content marketing and SEO campaigns. Discovery, Research, Influencers, and monitoring are the four key grounds on which this software functions. It is a wrap of identifying influential people, tracking comments and trends, and analyzing tonnes of data points. It reveals what content works and what sinks even without a trace and facilitates in attaining a deeper understanding of social footprints and content strategies. It certainly catalyzes in the process of widening the reach by letting you respond and capture opportunities, sharpens your marketing strategies, and getting more likes, links, and shares.

Canva (

As rightly quotes, “Presentations and products go hand in hand”, Canva is a versatile graphic design application with a wide range of applicability. With an extremely convenient application & easier navigation, this app is open to quick edits and offers great pre-made easily modifiable designs to work with. It enables you to choose from hundreds of professionally designed and calibrated layouts or even the creation of your design from scratch. From logo to poster designs, from Insta story/post to banner creation

for social media like Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter this application lets you edit like a pro and show it off to the world.

Animoto (

With exclusive access to over a million stock assets like photos and videos, Animoto has everything you need to create and professional videos- free forever. It provides some of the best beautiful and versatile professionally designed video templates that offer unrivaled flexibility. These videos are known for easy customizations that can fit into any brand or occasion. All you have to do is just drag and drop your own photos and video clips into pre-built templates to create a share-worthy video in just a couple of seconds. Animoto should certainly be on your list if you wish to make powerful, professional videos for any occasion or business and at the same time increase the sale, drive traffic, and engage your audience in minutes.

Socedo (

Partnering with over 50+ leading brands Socedo has always succeeded in helping B2B companies with data management and enterprise software. Growing your Marketing Database, driving website traffic, growing your twitter followers, and gaining audience insights seamlessly had never been possible before. Want to track tweets about relevant topics or engaging with content from influencers in your space, or get on their radar with relevant content, and grow your marketing database with relevant contacts, it is the one-stop destination if you are in search of a quick setup and thorough lead identification with the motto of ‘Set it and forget it’ platform to bring in numerous names to your website.

Google Analytics (

Everyone knows how important it gets to convert their company’s online presence into a success. But to figure out how to really work on this main goal has never been easy. Google Analytics is the marketing platform you are looking for! It enables you to get the insights that matter the most along with the ability to put them to work and transform your business. It catalyzes the process of uncovering the insights that drive real results, provides you comprehensive digital tools, and helps you better understand your customers and evaluate your content, site, and products. Stay on top of key business activities and determine how successful your site is at turning users into customers with Google Analytics.


As technology is fast evolving, so are the marketing tools. Mark your targets, abide by them. Make up your mind and choose the best tool that fits in as there is no single choice that can match all the goals, and it is in these little yet right choices that bring in a well-defined change.

Happy Reading!