Retaliation to Development- The Evolution of Amul

"Victory and unity come hand in hand. Success is achieved by those who maintain their hard work and bring in innovation."

The perfect example of the lines of the above quote is the most precious and cherished brand of our nation - Amul.

What started as a humble farmers’ cooperative grew to become a brand built by the farmers, a brand truly Indian. From the milk delivered to your doorstep, to the smiling faces of the rural women is a magical journey that has taken India to the milestone of being the world's largest milk producer. Each day here is a revelation of how the Amul wheelset in motion in a village travels many terrains across the country to reach your home. Thousands of automatic milk collection systems at village societies capture member information, milk fat content, and the amount payable to each farmer i.e. 80% of the revenue, the transaction that goes over a month is over in a matter of seconds.

The Brand AMUL colloquially venerated as the Earth to the people of this diverse nation has emerged as more than just a brand, it is a symbol of trust. As quoted by the Amul family: "To a Milk Producer, it meant a life-enriching experience, To a Consumer, it meant Assurance of having wholesome milk, To a woman, it meant economic independence and growth, To the children, it brought warmth and laughter into their lives, To a Mother, it meant a reliable source of nourishment for her child To the Country, it meant Rural Development and Self Reliance."

Ever Wondered on how Amul started as a movement for the economic liberation of the farmers turned into a success as a brand?

From the world’s first buffalo milk extractor, milk powder producer, expanding its global outreach to about 40 countries, Amul has grown to be one of the highly successful brands by expanding its horizon from biscuits, chocolates to other dairy products setting up of various parlors that render people from all age groups a cherishing experience.

Amul as a brand that follows a vivid innovative 3-tier organization structure called the Anand pattern combines the productive genius of the farmers with professional management and modern technology led to the success of the operation flood that heralded what is known as the white revolution and has proved to be an outstanding success. Reports by economic times reveal,

The Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd, which markets Amul milk and dairy products, reported a 17% increase in turnover to Rs 38,550 crore in the year ended March 31. Amul Federation has achieved a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of more than 17% for the last 10 years because of higher milk procurement, continuous expansion in terms of adding new markets, launching of new products and adding new milk processing capacities across India.

Marketing plan & strategy

Retention of the present customers and the creation of new ones is the fundamental principle of the Marketing strategy. Amul, emphasizes on numerous aspects of marketing by using mass-marketing principle and targeting middle-class people as the main audience. Amul’s product portfolio is deep-rooted and works right from targeting and segmentation to accomplishing the comprehensive vision and mission of the company.

The entire strategy is perfectly curated wherein:

• Analyzing the strength and weaknesses of the competitors

• Expansion of products by finding the markets.

• Identifying and forecasting change

• Studying the customers’ inclination and likings by deeply examining the preferences of tastes and products

• Following a rigorous advertising strategy

are some of the key areas of focus.

Advertising strategy- Marketing with wit

Amul follows main guiding advertising principles and never fails to capture the attention of the audience promotes memorability and readability and increases it’s Selling power. The advertisements with a witty caption and carefully curated pieces of art create a receptive attitude among the readers. The ads are the epitome of humor, wit, and marketing strategy. The subtle use of bilingual techniques with metaphorical switching aims to capture the attention of the majority of the population- the youth of modern India, with the ads based on humorous techniques and pragmatic functions shredding light on completely a new kind of discourse.

With immense commitment and innovation, Amul has come a long way for more than just utterly- butterly delicious. Initially, the brand that began as a symbol of protest grew to become the symbol of the self-reliance of the farmers. The Amul girl with tongue-in-cheek observations underlines the philosophy of the social mission of farmer’s right in a light-hearted spirit.

The milk is collected from over 3 million farmers from across 15 million villages is further tested, graded, and transported over 15 hundred routes to more than 40 dairy plants. Then, reaches a frenzied pitch as milk pouches are sorted and loaded onto the milk delivery vans thus begins the exciting but tireless journey across the length and breadth of the country into the hearts and homes of India. The vans travel throughout the nights arriving in the wee hours of the morning right on time so that you can savor your morning cup of milk blissfully unaware of the amazing drama behind this packet of milk.

From dawn to dusk these winding lines, steadily flow forward and the fresh milk continues to make its way on the neverending journey of health and happiness. The unimaginable happens tirelessly with clockwork precision.

Looking back into the history Amul represents a perfect example of these quoted lines:

“No toil can discourage, no barrier dismay, no unrest dishearten the brand that has acquired the art of being flourished. Difficulties are but dare of fate, obstacles but hurdles to try the skill, distress but bitter tonics to give the strength; they rise higher and loom greater after each encounter with adversity.”

Amul, the taste of India, and a toast to the world.

Happy Reading!