Effective Management Of Brand Communication Amidst COVID-19 Lockdown

The Coronavirus pandemic is far more than just a health crisis. It has posed challenges to the health care and governmental organizations which are considered to be the guiding rock of any nation. There is an enormous impact on societies and economies at their core.

According to IMF, the global economy is expected to shrink by over -3 .9% in 2020 – the steepest slowdown since the Great Depression of the 1930s and also Global meltdown in 2008.

That said, the road gets tougher from here and Effective management of brand communication becomes quite crucial. Reworking and amending the communication plan should be at the topmost priority. Listed below are some of the cardinal guiding points that must be taken into consideration.

Internal team communication:

Rather than following the work hierarchy, one-way communication and simply abiding by the assigned guidelines and targets and troubleshooting problems, lending an ear to the feedbacks and innovative ideas rendered by teammates, setting up a clear and achievable goal, establishing positive work relationships will help you in attaining greater efficiency and arrive at better results.

Use of

o Employees newsletters

o Departmental progress reports

o Collective goals and performance analysis

Will inculcate a sense of responsibility and awareness among the employees.

Communicating to the target audience- end customers

Developing empathy for the end customers and effectively communicating to them, via

o the digital media and social handles and analyzing their responses

o connections established through PR agencies

o News outlets

o Social media influencers

this helps in building a rapport and will help you to Strive and understand the brand outlook when you’re in on a deeper level.

Communicating product ideas effectively to potential collaborators/external stakeholders

o Send a communication e-mail to the stakeholder/ collaborators

o Schedule an online appointment with them

o Send the presentation files, decks beforehand.

o Analyze metric and information and present it such that it projects subtle inclination towards your end goal and lead the listeners on a favorable agreement.

o Send updates Proactively.

Projecting yourself as an exceptional collaborator exhibiting selfless behavior that inspires trust and by communicating with special-purpose teams is the fastest way to improve.

Communicating with trustworthy people

Solicit feedback from mentors, friends, and others you trust to sharpen your methodologies.

Be bold and dynamic in knowledge sharing

At these testing-times, every small decision leading to action would either enable your brand to sail seamlessly or sink abruptly. Don’t be an alarmist rather Be innovative, inventive, and visionary. Digital media is a crucial resort and the best medium that will help your message to organically reach your audience and also for effective communication among the team members.

It’s the sweat, hard work, and determination coupled with innovation that can help you to emerge stronger than ever.