Branding During Quarantine!

It is true that creativity knows no boundaries. Creative brands however, continue to be creative even within the boundaries of their home.

Here, we take a look at the top 5 brands that brought their A game forward with content related to Social Distancing.

Honorable Mention: Coca Cola

In this social media creative, Coca Cola, in a subtly clever manner, addresses the need for Social Distancing. Once again, it has proven to be better than Pepsi (Writer's Opinion).

For noobs(!) : Social Distancing is depicted by increasing the letter spacing in the official Coca Cola logo.

#5 The Hindu

Unlike the journalism in India these days, The Hindu unabashedly spits the absolute truth in this creative.

For noobs(!) : Explanation of social distancing through word distancing in the sentence about social distancing. Phew.

#4 PornHub

We all know PornHub as a brand that always comes up with noble initiatives which really 'stand' apart from the rest in the crowd.

In these testing times, when everyone is at home, PornHub tapped this opportunity to provide free premium memberships to its audience, and stonks! The site saw a massive traffic leap.

For noobs(!) : Really?

#3 Oyo

Now, to be honest, the Oyo marketing team isn't really the best with running social media campaigns, but this one surely went out of the park!

The guys at Oyo addressed the importance of washing hands while taking a dig at a perpetual habit of their customers!

For noobs(!): They are talking about the habit of customers stealing hotel accessories while checking out.

#2 Durex

Creative innuendos, puns and artwork, Durex always has them all 'covered'!

For noobs(!): I don't want to spoil it by explaining it.

#1 Amul

In the times of this pandemic, a 'pun'demic is all one wants from Amul!

With its topical artwork campaigns, the brand has time and again proved that its marketing team deserves a raise!

For noobs(!): A reference to the rerun of Mahabharat on Doordarshan during the lockdown.

Also, the usage of 'Epic' here refers to the traditional roots of Mahabharat and of course an adjective for the taste of Amul.